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"Norae Ferrara was a consummate professional who fulfilled all of our project needs and more. She was organized, responsive, compassionate and professional at all times. From the very start, we felt that Norae truly cared about our clients' health as much as we do, which makes her a pretty special person. We feel lucky to have found a registered dietitian as unique as Norae to consult with and we highly recommend her nutrition services to anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area."
Christine Paquette
Director of Development,
Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Marin


"I took Norae Ferrara's multi-session weight management class and it was time well spent. She gave us just the right mix of nutrition information and inspiration. Not only did I lose 15 pounds, but I have kept it off, and am a more committed exerciser and am more conscientious about my food choices. I feel great! I would recommend it to anyone who has the desire but needs a little push from a nutritionist-expert."
South San Francisco, California


"Our group has consulted with Norae for multiple nutrition seminars. I have really enjoyed her disease prevention and healthy eating presentations. She is an excellent nutritionist-speaker--always engaging with the audience, even when it is a large group, and her tips are incredible. I have taken her advice and several years later, it is still working!"
Patty Dowling
California Official Court Reporters Association,
Steering Committee


"Our family is always on the go. We had lost track of eating healthy when Norae first met with us. We went to her San Francisco office and were so impressed with the expertise she has a nutritionist/registered dietitian. She kept it simple and fun, and after five meetings we had a kitchen full of healthier foods, a more livable routine that fit in fitness, and a new set of recipes the kids actually love. And with one 8 and one 11 year old, I never thought that would be possible!"
F.P. and S.L.
San Francisco, California


"Norae Ferrara works with our medical team on countless complex patients including diabetics, heart failure, kidney disease, hypertension, and obese patients. In our clinic, I have made numerous referrals to Norae. She assesses the nutritional needs of each individual and develops and implements a personalized dietary plan of action. People really listen to her nutrition advice, they love her approach, and most importantly, her expertise really gets results! I highly recommend Norae as a resource to help the practice of any RN, NP, or MD who sees these types of patients and is seeking the expertise of a nutritionist or registered dietitian."
Daisy Woo, RN, BSN, CDE
Diabetes Care Management Program,
Kaiser Permanente, Daly City, California


"Norae Ferrara is an outstanding registered dietitian. I have had the good fortune to work with her in a professional setting for a number of years and am continually impressed with her nutrition practice. Norae is knowledgeable, compassionate and takes a unique "whole person" approach with each of her patients. I refer my students and patients to the San Francisco Nutrition Clinic, knowing that they will get the best nutrition counseling and advice from a great dietitian."
Katie Clark, MPH, RD
Assistant Clinical Professor,
UCSF School of Nursing


"Norae does an excellent job communicating with families what they need to know. She is a no-nonsense nutritionist-- accurate, and loving at the same time. We have seen great results with the groups she has worked with. Both children and parents leave her office feeling empowered and motivated."
Jennifer Chancay
Pediatric Health Educator,
Kaiser Permanente, Daly City, California


"Norae is an excellent registered dietitian. She is committed to empowering others through nutrition education, so that they can make changes to improve their health. Her compassion is evident; her sound, thorough nutrition counseling has helped countless clients make positive changes in their lives."
K. Garza, RD
Private Consultant,
San Diego, California

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