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Keep Your Patients Healthy and Happy!
Refer to a Registered Dietitian (Nutritionist) at the San Francisco Nutrition Clinic


Make a Referral 3 Easy Ways

Please have the patient’s full name, contact information, insurance information, referring diagnosis, and most recent lab results ready.

  1. Call us! (415) 666-3220 

  2. Complete this referral form and fax to us at
    (415) 379-6766

  3. Refer your patient by giving our name and phone number and asking them to call us @ (415) 666-3220.  We will reach out to you as needed. 

"Norae Ferrara works with our medical team on countless complex patients including diabetics, heart failure, kidney disease, hypertension, and obese patients. In our clinic, I have made numerous referrals to Norae. She assesses the nutritional needs of each individual and develops and implements a personalized dietary plan of action. People really listen to her nutrition advice, they love her approach, and most importantly, her expertise really gets results! I highly recommend Norae as a resource to help the practice of any RN, NP, or MD who sees these types of patients and is seeking the expertise of a nutritionist or registered dietitian."

Daisy Woo, RN, BSN, CDE
Diabetes Care Management Program,
Kaiser Permanente, Daly City, California

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